Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Perfect Day

I like to imagine myself more organized and disciplined than I am. Maybe it’s a form of visualization or self-talk, but I like to construct the outline of a perfect day in my head and imagine myself moving through it. So far there have been absolutely no real time manifestations of these “perfect” days, but I’m still hoping. And dreaming.

The perfect art day would start with me bounding out of bed, resentment-free, at 5am to workout, preferably triathlon training. Back home to shower and get the family off to work and school, throw something in the crock-pot for dinner, and head out to the garden with mug of something hot and caffeinated.

Once there, I would putter with the plants and bird feeders, sketch and journal, maybe write a blog post. When my cup became empty and cold, I would head inside to the studio to limber up with some gesture and contour drawings, moving on from there to negative space and symmetry exercises, because symmetry is my biggest weak spot. Then I would spend a couple of hours working through whatever self-guided study tome was currently enthralling me.

By then I would be hungry and ready to  grab a bite of lunch and work on current projects or run errands to get out of the house. Or meet a friend for lunch and check out a gallery or two. If I’m imagining this day as part of my current season of life, I have to run home to meet/pick up kids from school and start the evening routine. If I’m imagining the life of an empty-nester, I teach classes or private lessons in the evening.

Dinner and a glass of wine with my husband, and it’s back to the studio to work on current projects until I’m ready to climb in bed with a good book until lights out.

Yeah, it’s a nice fantasy. Funny how on my one day off, I end up napping most of the day. Just thinking about being that productive makes me tired!



  1. Love! welcome to the blogging world

  2. Wonderful! What a lovely trip through a dream day to take with you. I also do this all the time. I demand more. :)

  3. I'm sorry, but you really think dinner and a glass of wine, and then off again? You definitely need to squeeze in a few extra minutes after that glass of wine; complete our perfect day.